Session 1—Introduction and What’s a Blog, Anyway?


I’m excited to join you for this course on blogging for ministry.

This course will introduce basic blogging techniques as part of an effective writing ministry. You will learn to:

  • set up a self-hosted WordPress blog
  • choose a niche audience
  • maintain a blogging schedule
  • apply creativity to repurposing content
  • write for search engine optimization (SEO)
  • set up and grow an email list
  • learn tips and tools to maximize productivity
  • utilize Google Analytics
  • implement an effective social media strategy
  • and more!

We will also discuss the balance of promotion, monetization, and motive in the context of a blogging ministry.

Required Textbook and WordPress Theme

  • Hyatt, Michael. Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World. Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson, 2012 (288 pp.).
  • Get Noticed! Theme. (Private link for our class only.) This premium WordPress theme is available at a special discount to you as a student of this course. This highly customizable theme is required so that the class can work on the same page while learning blogging tools, techniques, and strategies.

You’re welcome to contact me here or via Canvas or leave a comment in a post if you think others could benefit from your question. (When you’re ready to leave a comment, sign up for Disqus.)

Homework before next class:

Watch Interview with Michele Cushatt 

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